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Unused Toner Buy Back PATCHED

We will pay you cash for any new, unused ink and toner cartridges. Our goal is to help you get them out of your supply closet while also keeping them out of landfills. Our ink and toner buyback program is as easy as it gets and allows you to walk away with a little extra cash in your pockets or credit for future purchases on

unused toner buy back

Note: If your items are not as described or depicted, we will update the offer based on the condition we received the item in. If you do not want to accept the new offer, you can send us a shipping label and we will return your cartridge. If you do NOT want your cartridge back, we will recycle it for you.

If this is your first time recycling unused ink and toner cartridges with Ink Genie, you might have some questions. The program can sometimes seem too good to be true. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from people who want to recycle ink.

You can take new ink cartridges to local office supply stores for recycling. However, most of these drop boxes offer you no incentive and your cartridges will end up in a landfill instead of back in circulation. And while doing a good deed is reward enough, at Ink Genie, we offer a buyback program that makes it easy to ship your unused ink and toner cartridges back to us for cash.

Ink Genie does not purchase ink or toner from entities who are contractually prohibited from engaging in such sales.Ink Genie does not purchase ink or toner that was designated for, or originated from, sales outside of the United States.

A sealed container is the simplest indication that we've got of toners which can be emblem new. If the unique packaging has been tampered with, we can't say with all truth that the ink has now not been used. As such, we most effective purchase lower back toners which can be in their actual and unscathed packing containers.

Similarly, the satisfactory toner powder in toner cartridges will experience degradation over a extended period past its expiration date. Toner cartridges typically have extra lasting strength than ink cartridges however the deterioration over the years is inevitable.

Toner powder incorporates electrically charged debris than can be merged upfront while uncovered to warm temperature and moisture. This transforms the excellent powder into a soggy consistency which in turn affects the photosensitivity of the toner. The resulting effect are clumps of particles which are ill-geared up for laser printing.

So, the layout lifestyles cycle of the field that the cartridge comes in may be used as a gauge for the shelf existence of the toner.In impact, cartridges which can be about 6-eight years beyond their expiration dates are likely to be undeserving for printing.

The model quantity on the toner is basically its fingerprint. It includes a series of numbers and letters as a way to tell you approximately the configuration of the ink cartridge. You will discover this parent stamped somewhere on the outdoors of the packaging

The expenses are totally as much as the individual corporations who provide toner buyback programs.The secondary surplus toner market has no regulations which leaves room for agencies to set their personal standards and create their own algorithms for pricing.

In other words, you need to cope with a company that makes a specialty of a single aspect of the toner industry. This form of niche marketing gives agencies the energy to master the wishes in their core consumer base.

With that said, if you want to promote your ink cartridges for the best buyback costs, make certain that you use a corporation with a verified presence in the niche surplus toner market. You need to keep away from getting taken gain of through a toner buyer scam artist.

We only buy brand new, original and genuine factory sealed products as you would see in a retail store. You can sell us any quantity of genuine name brand toner and ink cartridges, assuming they are packaged in the original retail box and in good condition!

Because you can have too much of a good thing, Xerox has simplified our return process so you can ship unused toner, ink, drums and fusers back to us more quickly and easily than ever. Returning these unused items not only saves valuable storage space, but helps us protect the environment.

NEEDEMPTY is one of the largest suppliers of empty inkjet cartridges in the industry. If you are looking for quality empties, you need not look elsewhere! We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and superior quality products.We also have a buyback program for all genuine unused ink & toner cartridges. We'll pay you for surplus cartridges. We even take care of shipping. We collect empty cartridges for our recycling program. We'll pay you to recycle empty and used printer cartridges! Make money while helping the environment by participationg in our ink cartridge recycling program.

Please note: We have changed the layout of our recycling page- If you are looking for a return label for empty toner bottles and cartridges, please scroll down to the Consumables Take Back Program at the bottom of the page

Return IBM or InfoPrint printers: To return an IBM or InfoPrint printer, please send an email (in English) to and provide the following details. We will then respond to notify you whether the product is eligible for take-back and instructions on how to proceed:

We encourage recycling of end-of-life consumables/supplies, and recommend that you use your local recycling resources whenever possible to reduce environmental impact. If local recycling is not available, you can easily return items through our Toner Cartridge/Container/Maintenance Kit Return Programs.We have simplified our take-back capabilities so you can return your genuine Ricoh, Savin and Lanier toner containers using their own carton boxes, to help reduce CO2 impact and support our green initiatives. This program not only saves you time and money, but it helps the environment even more by eliminating the need for new box materials.There are three different preparation methods for returning consumable items:

HP now handle the recycling of Samsung cartridges. They take back their ink and toner cartridges with pre-paid USPS labels that you can print. If you use large quantities of cartridges they can also offer free collection boxes to store your empties in.

In line with your recycling business operations, we understand the importance of helping companies meet and maintain corporate environmental responsibilities. At The Jolly Savage, we specialise in the purchase of unused surplus toners from a range of businesses, including cartridge recycling companies, and we ensure that all products which we are unable to remarket are collected, brokered to a waste specialist and processed and treated as WEEE waste.

While the majority of toners you receive are likely to be used, there may be some quantity of unused toners which we can offer highly competitive prices for. We also accept open-box cartridges and boxes with cosmetic damage, so we are well positioned to help you to secure the highest return for your unused surplus toners by providing a detailed itemised quote.

When it comes to toner and ink cartridges, make sure you utilize your unused ones. Companies such as Surplus Toner Buyer will pay you to take your cartridges off your hands. Not only are they completely certified as an approved e-waste recycler, but they take cartridges in various states, including freight distressed, expired, liquidated, and open box. Cartridge prices are compared to current fair market value with competitive rates so you get the best possible amount for each one.

We are currently updating our surplus website to include original unused laser printer cartridges however we can pay top prices for any surplus full original laser cartridges you have and can send you a quote for your items. It is a quick and easy process to receive a quote - please contact us below and we will email back the best prices we can pay!

We are one of the leading recycling companies for inkjet cartridges and have provided an excellent service for over 20 years for many individuals and organisations. Click below to see the positive feedback from our members.

The Toner Cartridge Depot recycling program is as user friendly as we can make it. You have three choices for disposing of unused and empty ink jet and laser printer, fax or copier cartridges.

Have had some problems with Instant Ink delivering cartridges in time for when I needed them? With four children at home remote learning and a spouse now working from home, all of whom print throughout the day, we decided to change our printer. I just received my HP Instant Ink order. How does one return new and unused cartridges? I can't find any information anywhere except to use the recycling envelope. Well they aren't used. Please tell me how I can return these cartridges.

Postage-paid cartridge recycling envelopes are included with most HP Instant Ink shipments*. To maximize environmental benefits, wait until you have three to eight empty cartridges, fill the envelope, and then send them back together.

Do you have a supply room full of unwanted printer cartridges and extra toner that retail stores refuse to allow you to return? Galaxy Surplus will pay top dollar for these unused, surplus cartridges! If you have overstock, liquidation, or supplies you no longer need because of equipment changes, we will buy your OEM toner and inkjet cartridges, fusers, drums, phasers, maintenance, and transfer kits.

Send empty cartridges and tubes back to the manufacturer for recycling via the included prepaid mailing label. Combine multiple items in one large box when possible. Reuse plastic bags and wrappers to repackage empty cartridges and tubes to prevent leakage.

We buy unused toners! People sell toner cartridges every day to us. BigCash4Toners your top rated toner buyback company for unused, unwanted imaging supplies online! You can sell your surplus toner for cash, and we will pay the most money for your printer cartridges! To get your cash for toner cartridges fill out the form below to request quote! 041b061a72


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