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Hama Bluetooth Dongle Drivers For Mac

Looked in here: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration. There i found a bluetooth plist file. I trashed it, rebooted, and then my USB dongle was finally recognized. I did not need to reset any SMC, NVRAM.

Hama Bluetooth Dongle Drivers For Mac

May i know what OS version u use?i am looking for dongle to work on my MacBook Pro 2010 too.I have BLE1112, but it not work for my. It found/detect in USB Device tree.. but not in Host Controller selector. Under the "Pick a Host Controller", i only see the original "Apple BRCM..."I check with my local seller, the Avantree DG40s, all mention this DG40S not compatible is Mac.. Thanks for sharing this info, great to know that DG40S work for ur iMAC. Did you follow the above step? u manage to select new bluetooth controller under "Pick a Host Controller"?I am going to buy DG40S to have a test... Hope it work for me too..

I have a 27" 2015 iMac, who's bluetooth stopped functioning immediately after upgrading from Mojave 10.14.2 to 10.14.3. Multiple calls/troubleshooting with Apple included doing the most extreme text/fix of wiping my computer of all data, reinstalling a fresh system -- and still, Bluetooth did not appear under About This Mac/Hardware. After reading Abertheham's swell Instructable, I found the recommended dongle on NewEgg, and also downloaded the developer tools. I plugged in the dongle, and was about to run the developer software, when I noticed that my Bluetooth menu icon was already in place again -- with my bluetooth items (mouse, airpods) listed as usual. So I actually did not have to run any software. (And as a test, to see if just plugging the dongle in had fixed some association to my computer with bluetooth capabilities -- I unplugged the dongle, and bluetooth went away. So the dongle IS the source of the bluetooth.)I hadn't realized that bluetooth dongles existed and were an inexpensive/easy way to bring bluetooth functionality to a broken Mac. When looking for where to purchase this dongle, there were a lot of similar gizmos that all said they were NOT Mac-compatible. I don't know if in actually they might also be recognized just as easily by a contemporary model machine -- but I decided not to test that and just went with the specific dongle that Abertheham suggested.Thanks for taking the time to write this up -- and although my situation was different than yours -- reading your instructions still helped to resolve my problem.

Hi John B, thanks for the answer. Of course my macbook pro does have built-in bluetooth, but I am looking for an usb adapter to get bluetooth 4.0 to work on my mac, therefore I would need a dongle which is actually working for that; is it the case of the one you suggested before? thank you very much again

I use bluetooth hearing aids and a Asus BT400 or BT500 dongle and both keep turning sound on and off every few seconds. The drivers are old on the asus site (2016) why oh why wont anything fix the issue.

Pairing is a one time process, required only once. There are Bluetooth keyboards sold with a Bluetooth dongle which come already paired, but that is not certain. We will use the bluetoothctl command from bluez-utils to pair our dongle and the keyboard.

The dongle is automatically installed with the standard drivers in MAC OS. However, it may be necessary to disable the built-in Bluetooth function of your Macbook as the dongle and the built-in Bluetooth would otherwise conflict. 350c69d7ab


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