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Economic mechanisms that provide financial benefits for protecting land or watersheds for REDD+, provide incentives to implement forest conservation and SLM, are important for REDD+ implementation. For instance, REDD+ financing can be used to establish a REDD+ Trust Fund, which could provide additional resources to meet the land and watershed requirements of REDD+, and build the capacity of stakeholders, especially in developing countries (moderate confidence). Ensuring that incentives are applied consistently to comparable units across all forests, including inequitably managed forests, can be challenging (medium confidence).

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New views on research and development are emerging. The latest phase of GMOSS features a focus on R&D platforms, providing a toolkit of enabling technologies across all major topics, from adaptation and mitigation to sustainable transport, sustainable food systems, health, environmental issues, and security (Lambrechts et al. 2018). The most recent Phase of GMOSS also features a strong complement of capacity-building activities, covering a wide range of topics, including hands-on technical activities, courses, and conferences.

I think that the definitions of climate risk which I have suggested indicate that it will not be possible in the long-term, unless the government makes some sort of a decision about the limiting of human numbers, to entirely manage or cope with the ravages of climate change. We must therefore consider [] whether it may not be necessary to carry out experiments to learn what happens to the planet and to the life on it, whether we have the means, the power and the knowledge to do so, and whether it may not be a wise idea to do so [] (Ward Hunt 1965 990 )


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