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For instance, our uniforms, you know, they were laundered by the hospital. Andwe were expected to have a clean uniform, clean body. And that meant even yourshoestrings and your shoes. Your shoes could not have dirt on them. Yourshoestrings had to be scrubbed by hand. You had to have your hair above your00:16:00collar. You couldn't wear anything bright and shiny in your hair, and absolutelyno perfume. And no rings, unless it was just a band. You couldn't have any stonetype ring, like a gem type stone.

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Pediatrics was okay, but children got so sick so fast. I found them difficult totake care of. So that wasn't my favorite thing to do. Whereas my daughter, nowshe went into pediatrics. That was her favorite. So everybody has differentideas what they like to do. But I seem to end up liking general surgery best. Ilove to do the dressing part, where you go in and the doctor's changing a wound.Whether it's a leg stump or if it's abdominal or something or other, thoracic. Ilove to set out the towel and put out all the required instruments, like the[unclear] the four by fours and stuff and the doctor puts it all, cleans it allup and nice new bandage on it. And that makes you feel like you got somethingall cleaned up. It was a dirty old wound and now it's all clean again and thepatient's getting better. So I guess I liked surgery better. Post-op.

We never did poultices, that wasn't even there. We weren't allowed to giveIVs. If anybody had to have an IV, they had to call the IV nurse. Or a doctorhad to do it. We were not allowed to cath men. We could only cath ladies. Andthe syringes, of course, the syringes were rinsed, let's say you had a dirty01:09:00syringe and needle. You'd go to a sink and you'd rinse it out with tap water.Then you'd separate the needle from the syringe. Put the syringe and needle inalcohol solution. And it would have to sit there until the next time somebodyelse wanted to use the needle and the syringe. They'd pick it out of thealcohol, rinse it in a canister of, like a little tray thing of water, and thatwould dilute the alcohol from the syringe. And then you'd have to dilute yourmorphine. And you only had, I think it was one-sixth grain at that time. And ifyou need a smaller dose, you had to calculate it so you'd know the correctamount of solution to bring up in your syringe. Whereas nowadays, you just go tothe cupboard and you get your narcotic that you need and it's all set. And it'sin milligrams. So they changed from metric to, what do you call it, I want to01:10:00say decimal, but that's not the right word. Anyway, it's changed. A lot ofthings. Medicine has changed. We didn't have very many medicines.


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