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This song is about a guy who tells himself that he will stop his bad habits such as accepting late night booty calls, drinking, and smoking because it increases the likely hood of his bad behavior. However, things are harder than they seem and he can't refuse the bad offer when it hits him at the moment, he caves in and ultimately GiVEs In. He hates himself for giving in but he's so tired of hating himself for giving in that he finally comes to the conclusion " what's wrong with being weak?" I'm still able to function. He's trying to 'convince' himself that it's okay to be weak and being taken advantage of.

AJR - Weak

I saw a video of ajr and he talks about how tempting out world is and he was raised Jewish in a house hold where all the things in the song are bad for him. he knows his decisions aren't the best but he makes them anyways because h six at saying "no thank you" and he isn't "strong enough" to say no. so it makes him a weaker person. But he says that being weak doent necessarily mean there is anything wrong with him. he slips under pressure and is pursuaded easier than maybe some others and other people are weak in other ways.

While we can relate to our weakness, as followers of Jesus, we are free to not be mastered by things. We do not have to allow any substance, habit, or behavior to control us. In 2 Corinthians 12:10, Paul writes:

We often end up feeling guilty when we give in to our weakness, but Jesus tells us we are set free from guilt and shame. What would it look like for you to believe Him and decide to depend on His strength when it comes to your weakness?

Economists rely frequently on instrumental variables estimation to overcome biases that endogenous explanatory variables cause in ordinary least squares estimation. However, traditional instrumental variables estimators, such as two-stage least squares and limited information maximum likelihood estimation, can suffer persistent estimator biases and size-of-test biases in even very large samples if the instruments used are large in number or are only weakly correlated with an endogenous explanatory variable. This paper reviews strategies for grappling with weak instruments and with large numbers of instruments in linear regression models. 041b061a72


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