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The Benefits and Challenges of Lesikar's Business Communication 12th Edition PDF Free 86 in the 21st Century

Chatbots help HR become much more accessible to employees. They can provide Instant, accurate responses to common queries. The more complex queries can be automatically escalated for human review and response. Automating the frequently asked queries frees up HR teams to personally handle the more complex queries. This enables them to respond and intervene quickly in sensitive situations. This is especially useful during phases of change-management when businesses roll out major changes in organization or strategy. These changes lead to a large number of employee queries in a very short time that have to be addressed very quickly to prevent issues from festering. The increased accessibility is particularly valuable to employees in remote locations, away from headquarters, that are deprived of the ability to have corridor conversations with HR teams.

lesikar's business communication 12th edition pdf free 86


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