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Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 7

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Well, the writing in this episode was certainly a lot better. Not a lot happened, which was a good thing because it gave time to show the stuff that actually did. This episode was mostly for introducing the various other skaters and showcasing their own styles, but it worked really well.

In other words, Johnny Weir, the subject of homophobic ridicule throughout his elite skating career, is represented in Yuri!!! on ICE by the most accomplished, respected and popular skater in the series so far. While Weir was criticised for being a questionable role model for young male skaters because of how he chose to present himself, Victor is introduced as a role model from episode one, with a track record of playing with his gender expression and complete comfort in his sexuality.

Six weeks later, Victor and Yuri having crossed new lines of physical closeness and emotional intimacy every week, commenters clinging to a heteronormative interpretation are having to work harder and harder to justify their perspective. Unfortunately, the result is that queer people, finally seeing themselves represented front and centre in a well-regarded and popular anime outside yaoi/yuri labels, are also feeling the pressure to justify their perspectives. Rather than being able to simply enjoy feeling represented, they feel forced to "prove" the validity of that representation with screenshots, diagrams and detailed explanations. 59ce067264


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