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bsnes was originally a SNES emulator started on October 14th, 2004, known for being more accurate to the hardware than other emulators at the time. Eventually the project started including emulation of so many other systems that the bsnes name started to become misleading, renaming the project to higan in 2012. Higan was forked in 2018 to revive the SNES-focused bsnes emulator from the project, more in line with how it was back in 2004. This standalone implementation has been 'libretro-ized' to work with RetroArch.


A fork of the 2018 bsnes that adds various enhancements including HD Mode 7 (F-Zero tracks rendered in 4k! Doesn't upscale the textures themselves, just increases the viewport resolution), Widescreen support (best with the aforementioned HD Mode 7, but can also work with traditional 2D games) and others.

Of course, no commercial games have been released for the SNES MSU-1, but there have been romhacks and fan-patches that can utilize it. Place your patched roms into the roms/snes-msu1 folder to add them. They'll even get their own system entry (though most themes don't seem to support it yet), which you can group with the SNES system using custom collections. The PocketSNES emulator doesn't support MSU-1 patched ROMs. 041b061a72


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