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The always entertaining Gianna Jun headlines Assassination, a thrilling historic drama set during the 1930s in Japanese Occupied Korea. An OK-Yoon (Jun) is an expert marksman released from prison to execute a daring plot. Hired by Yeom Suk-Jin (Lee Jung-Jae), she is to take Soksapo (Cho Jin-Woong) and Hwang Deok-Sam (Choi Duk-Moon) to Seoul, where they will terminate Kang In-Gook (Lee Kyoung-Young), a vile Japanese sympathizer.At the same time, Hawaii Pistol (Ha Jung-Woo) and his accomplice Younggam (Oh Dal-Su), two expert assassins who care only for profit, are hired to eliminate the assassination team, though problems arise when Hawaii Pistol confronts OK-Yoon, and finds himself torn between his mission, and a possible future with his beautiful target.Unlike Choi-Dong Hoon's The Thieves, where audiences were left guessing which characters had nefarious agendas, the director in this instance reveals the identity of the traitor almost immediately. This however, does not come at the expense of the plot, as we watch how the villain manipulates other characters, and eventually begins to psychologically suffer from living a treacherous existence. Often during the film, audiences are privy to information that characters are denied, and though we acknowledge interconnections between characters that even they know nothing of, further details could have been provided to flesh out the heroes and antagonists alike. As an example, though clues are provided as to why OK-Yoon was given a prison-sentence, a definitive answer is never provided.Again, unlike The Thieves, the use of humorous dialogue is kept to a minimum, accentuating the morbid tone the film primarily exhibits. The action scenes moreover are very entertaining, heightened by the settings, that are occasionally rarely seen in such a genre, the explosions and gun battles that take place dazzling the screen. At the same time though, these scenes predominately transpire later, the film being more of a war drama, than an action film.Assassination is set over several decades, the way the multiple narratives intersect to reveal how moments shape the plot, alongside character's lives, accentuating the story. At the same time however, the stereotypical Korean melodrama does render the film predictable, poignant moments in the narrative being capitalized to gather emotive reactions from viewers, the resulting consequences being very foreseeable, which diminishes some of the film's more powerful moments.The feature is a very typical war film, in that it represents only one side of the confrontation, in this case, the Koreans, who are portrayed as sympathetic victims. This is heightened by the villainous qualities of the antagonists, Japanese soldiers like Kawaguchi (Park Byung-Eun) being visualized as deranged murderers, whose loathsome deeds render them inhuman.There are occasional moments of beauty to be had over the film, however, much of Assassination demonstrates the horrific violence that transpires, condemning such actions, while embracing the belief, those who can do good, should vehemently do so. Despite The Thieves being a more enjoyable film, Assassination will certainly stay with you, long after it has finished.

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The movie comes at you fast with a lot of major plot points in the beginning.The film opens with a Ukrainian wedding scene. Waiters are getting patted down. One waiter (Jean-Claude Van Damme), skilled in knives, cuts the throat of the big boss and escapes to his secret apartment...meanwhile another assassin, Flint lives in seclusion caring for his comatose wife (Bianca Van Varenberg).Also going on is a quick scene involving an Interpol corruption scandal and an investigation. Seems Interpol is selling guns that they seize back to the criminals. They are afraid that Flint(Scott Adkins) can take them down, so they order his assassination. In order to flush him out they release a crime boss named Polo (Ivan Kaye) from prison, who had gang raped and beat Flint's wife comatose. In addition to Flint, Jean-Claude Van Damme is also summoned to do the Polo assassination. Polo is hunting the man who killed his brother in the first scene.Now if this wasn't enough, Van Damme is distracted by his new neighbors, a prostitute (Marija Karan) and a pimp who beats her. Van Damme doesn't want Flint to kill Polo or else he loses his fee. Flint realizes Interpol set him up by freeing Polo, so he wants to kill them too. Everybody in the film is out to kill everybody else. Got all that?Unlikely alliances form to narrow down the factions. Outside of Van Damme, the acting was acceptable. While the plot sounds complex, it really isn't that hard to follow, unless you have problems following Steven Seagal movies. It takes a while to build up all the factions and reasons for wanting to kill each other, but once it does things move rather quickly.F-bomb (with Ukrainian accent), violence against women (its a Van Damme film), brief nudity, torture.

As with any online service, they can also be used for criminal purposes. According to Turkish news sources, this is also what happened following the assassination of Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, exactly one year ago.

Something I've recently taken to doing is keeping one eye on the big torrent sites, just to see what's topping their download lists. I do so because it's illuminating to compare what people are willing to take differs from what people are willing to pay for. However, I thought it'll be an interesting exercise to be a little more rigorous than that. So, hitting the Mininova, I totaled all the separate torrents for each popular game and worked out a chart. This is a snapshot of PC gaming piracy, on a single torrent site, on a single day.

Methodology first. The numbers are total leechers. That is, number of people who are downloading from a torrent right now. Many of these - and the ones with the highest scores - have multiple torrents, which means it's possible that trying multiples at once to see which one gives the game first. However, since I've only added up the torrents from the PC games sections first page - smaller torrents on the second page with less than 293 leechers have been omitted. Also, these are only torrents on Mininova. It's the largest torrent site, but there's many, many more. Finally, I've counted bundled packs - where the Add ons are added to a torrent - as a single game for simplicity.

Secondly: The torrent kids will go wild for shooting stuff. In fact, any kind of shooting stuff. They don't even care if it's any good, as the sixth-position for the poorly-reviewed Turning Point demonstrates. While there's more strategic games there, what's also worth noting that the current big game - Sins of A Solar Empire - is absent, despite sitting #2 in the US retail charts. Which you may say is a cute demographic snapshot - though, I'll note, that while relatively few people are downloading it, despite the fact it has no copy protection, it's the second-most seeded torrent - even if no-one's taking, people seem determined to try and distribute it for some reason.

Thirdly, let's try a little really rough - if conservative - maths. Call of Duty 4 has been on sale for 113 days, assuming day zero piracy. A seven gig torrent, assuming a 100k download speed, takes just under a day to download. Assuming that the rate of downloads now is constant across those whole three and a bit months - which is incredibly conservative, of course, as it'd have been much higher upon release - that means 993496 copies will have been illegally downloaded via Mininova alone. Which is the sort of number that makes Infinity Ward sad.

Something of a lone dissenter was Wired's Chris Kohler, who concluded a torrent of invective with a surprisingly positive 7/10 score (though that does, of course, remain a number no publisher wants to see).

In a video produced by the Brave New Foundation, a group that uses video and social media to protest against drones, Jewish and Christian leaders describe the practice as "assassination by remote control," which violates religious principles.

The U.S. military's announcement earlier this month that it was flying B-52 bombers over South Korea to participate in the routine exercises prompted an angry reaction from the North, which has unleashed a torrent of threats in the past few weeks.

A Syrian citizen media group critical of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was recently targeted in a customized digital attack designed to unmask their location. The Syrian group, Raqqah is being Slaughtered Silently (RSS), focuses its advocacy on documenting human rights abuses by ISIS elements occupying the city of Ar-Raqah. In response, ISIS forces in the city have reportedly targeted the group with house raids, kidnappings, and an alleged assassination. The group also faces online threats from ISIS and its supporters, including taunts that ISIS is spying on the group. 350c69d7ab


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