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Implementation Planning

Strategic Guidance


OKR Coaching: Unlock your organization's full potential through our Objectives and Key Results (OKR) coaching services. We guide you in setting clear, measurable objectives and aligning them with key results to enhance performance, focus, and accountability. Our OKR coaching empowers your teams to achieve ambitious goals and improve overall performance by fostering a goal-oriented and collaborative environment. This service aligns well with the current business trend of adopting agile and outcome-focused management practices.

We partner with Ben Lamorte, a globally recognized OKR coach, who adds a strategic dimension by offering startups access to proven methodologies that drive focus, alignment, and engagement in their pursuit of success.

Business Development: Accelerate your business growth with our strategic guidance in developing effective business development strategies, identifying market opportunities, and optimizing sales processes.

Partnerships: Help you form impactful and strategic alliances. We facilitate collaborations that enhance your market presence, broaden your reach, and drive innovation. Our approach is centered on creating mutually beneficial relationships that contribute to long-term success.

At Gigaroxx, we understand that success is about achieving business goals and growth, facilitated by insightful guidance, experienced advice, and targeted support.

Angel Investing


Access to Capital: Our unique network connects start-ups to international capital resources tailored to fuel their innovative vision and accelerate their journey to success

Networking & Market Insights: Our networking and market insights services unlock the power of connections and market intelligence. Benefit from our extensive network of industry professionals, including investors, mentors, and market experts. We provide valuable insights to help you navigate industry trends, identify opportunities, and make strategic decisions.

Credibility: We understand the importance of a strong reputation in today's competitive landscape. We work with you to enhance your brand image, build trust, and establish credibility within your industry and among stakeholders.

Board Participation: A successful Board Member leverages a blend of strategic vision and industry expertise to drive organizational success, fostering governance and leadership aligning with a startup's or scaleup's core values and long-term goals. Through our network, we can get start-ups in contact with the right Board Member for them.

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