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Rene Wellek History Of Modern Criticism 13.pdf

Rene Wellek History Of Modern Criticism 13.pdf

Rene Wellek (1903-1995) was a Czech-American literary critic and historian who wrote a monumental work on the history of modern criticism from 1750 to 1950. His eight-volume series, titled A History of Modern Criticism: 1750-1950, covers the development of literary theory and criticism in various European and American traditions, from the Enlightenment to the mid-twentieth century. Wellek's work is widely regarded as a comprehensive and authoritative survey of the field, as well as a valuable source of critical insights and perspectives.

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The thirteenth chapter of Wellek's series, which is part of the seventh volume, deals with the German, Russian, and Eastern European criticism from 1900 to 1950. In this chapter, Wellek discusses the contributions of several influential critics and theorists, such as Georg Lukacs, Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, Mikhail Bakhtin, Roman Jakobson, Viktor Shklovsky, Jan Mukarovsky, and others. He also examines the impact of various movements and schools, such as Marxism, formalism, structuralism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, and existentialism, on the development of modern criticism in these regions.

Wellek's chapter provides a rich and detailed account of the diversity and complexity of modern criticism in Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe. He shows how these critics and theorists engaged with the literary texts and traditions of their own cultures, as well as with the broader philosophical and social issues of their times. He also evaluates their strengths and weaknesses, their similarities and differences, and their influences and legacies. Wellek's chapter is an essential reading for anyone interested in the history of modern criticism and its relation to literature and culture.

The PDF file of Wellek's chapter can be downloaded from [this link]. The PDF file contains the scanned pages of the original book published by Yale University Press in 1986. The book is also available in print and digital formats from various libraries and online platforms.


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