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Lust Campus [C2R Final]

Description:A really promising game with beautiful artwork and style. Remember that every choice will affect the results of the game. You'll play as Alice. She'll live in the new place for a while as a architecture student. A lot of interesting things are going to happen around the campus, university and other locations. Make new friends and don't forget about your sex life as well.More: Renpy BugsVersion: Updated: 2023-02-04, Posted: 2020-10-26. Request for an Update!

Lust Campus [C2R Final]

Hi guys!C2r_Final is out!!For this chapter we've decided to go hard on Alice and Sophie's frienship, hasten the storyline with the professor, and put special care on the illustrations (47 new illustrations, as a comparison, the old C2 had 7 illustrations). Between C1R and C2R we have a total of 75 illustrations (plus variations). Compared to the 50 that all of the old 5 chapters combined had. The fact that in two chapters we've greatly surpassed the old art lets us see that we've accomplished our goal of increasing the amount of illustrations per scene. Moreover, we have two new characters and several new spaces. Plus, we've been able to add a bunch of options that open up new paths for C3R. The more we progress in the reedition, the more new and unpublished material there will be for the next chapters.

]In this version we have worked a lot on the adaptation of expressions and gestures of the sprites to the text. In any case, for C3R there will be important changes in the expressions of some characters, either because we are not entirely convinced of how they are done or because they lack the personality that their character is meant to have. In any case, at least in c2r_final now they are more adjusted to what happens on the screen. We have also added an extra scene with 4 more illustrations, related to Alice & Tom's path, so you Tom fans are in luck!

Chapter 5 final11 new scenes added6 new unlockeable hot scenes in the galery (two of them explicit)1 new backgroundMade the new gallery scenes operationalProofread all the chapter (again)Fixed 041b061a72


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