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ABMP membership gives you on-demand access to 200+ massage continuing education webinars with free CE hours! Not for a limited time. Not for some hidden fee. All of our 200+ webinars, featuring the biggest names in massage and bodywork education, are free and offer free, NCBTMB-approved CE hours for the duration of your membership (as long as that type of webinar is approved by your state board).


Massage therapists looking for continuing education and massage classes online, look no further. With the ABMP Education Center you'll have on-demand access to presentations from the ABMP Back Pain Summit and ABMP Head & Neck Summit; our Instructor 101 series, which is dedicated to supporting massage and bodywork teachers in the classroom; Til Luchau's six-part Ethics for the Real World series; The 7-part BodyReading the Myofascial Meridians webinar series from Thomas Myers; and dozens of other webinars covering aromatherapy, marketing for massage therapists, and more.

If you're not yet an ABMP member you can easily purchase course access to see what ABMP's online massage therapy education is like. Simply go to the ABMP Education Center, sign up for a free account, and purchase course access.

The Minnesota legislature will not adopt massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure in 2023. ABMP members are an essential part of ensuring that the Minnesota legislature prioritizes licensure next year. Contact your state representative and senator today to let them know massage and Asian bodywork therapy licensure deserves attention in 2024.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation proposed rules that affect massage therapy. The rules are necessary to align the dishonored payment processing fee with statutory requirements, add additional rules regarding complaints, and revise the processes and procedures for contested cases. Submit comments in support, or opposition to, the proposed rules before April 3, 2023.

Our NCBTMB-approved massage therapy courses are priced to meet your needs. Not only can you purchase courses individually at a reasonable rate, but the savvy shopper can save more by purchasing course packages. Panda Massage CEU gives you access to more, for less!

Our goal is to provide the most diverse, engaging, and informative online massage therapy continuing education courses to practicing massage therapists in the re-certification process. Panda classes are developed by leading Subject Matter Experts in the massage industry, and are regularly reviewed to ensure the information you receive is current, accurate, and up to date.

Our cutting edge LMS (Learning Management System) helps you track your progress as you work to complete your courses, and our convenient shopping cart allows for the purchase of single courses or course packages. We hope that by taking our courses, you will feel better prepared as you move forward in your massage therapy career.

We have now seen what CEUs are in a broader context, and why continuing education units are important for practitioners. This begs the question, though: where and how exactly do massage therapists receive CEUs?

But there are all sorts of problems and difficulties associated with this in-person training, too. As a busy massage therapist, how do you make time for all of the travel associated with attending courses and accruing your required annual minimum number of CEUs? How do you balance the importance of continuing education with the demands of your professional life and massage practice?

While there are plenty of positive things to say about attending a CEU course in-person, the reality is that the days of in-person classes for continuing education are long gone. Nowadays, with the demands being placed on professionals around the country, massage training online is often the best and most cost-effective choice.

Panda Massage CEU offers a wide array of online courses at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional, in-person classes. With options like kinesiology, hydro-therapy, sports massage, deep tissue, and more, Panda has become the #1 online CEU source for massage therapists.

This course is an introduction to essential oils and the various ways to use aromatherapy in a massage therapy setting. It offers the massage therapist guidelines on safe practice and is not intended to offer diagnostics, prescriptions, or treatment protocols. In this course, you will learn:

The Department may, for a licensee or certificate holder who has a medical disability or illness, grant a waiver of the continuing education requirements for a specific period of time or may grant the licensee or certificate holder an extension of time in which to fulfill the requirements. Waivers must be requested annually, at the time of license or certificate renewal. Please select this link for the required form to utilize in requesting a waiver.

Select "Georgia" for this state and register for the account of your choosing. You can register for the No Cost, Basic Limited Access Account with just your license number. The Basic Account will allow you to report continuing education activities, see your current Compliance Status, and search for courses. You may opt to use CE Broker's paid Concierge and Professional Account services, but those services are voluntary and not required by this Board.

To avoid any delays or potential disciplinary action based on noncompliance with the requirements, do not wait until the last minute to register for your account and/or become familiar with the new continuing education requirements outlined in Board Rule 345-4-.02.

Please be aware that a continuing education (CE) course that is offered by a NCBTMB Approved Provider does not guarantee Board approval. All acceptable CE for Georgia licensees must also fall within the scope of practice of massage as defined in the Georgia Massage Therapy Practice Act (Title 43 Chapter 24A). When selecting continuing education courses, it is important to review the O.C.G.A. 43-24A-3(8-9) and 43-24A-19(a)(5-8) and Board Rule 345-4-.02 to ensure that you are taking courses which meet the Board's criteria.

It is also important that you keep your email address information current and add the Board to your safe senders list. The Board will be sending email reminders for licensure renewal. If you have never logged on to the online system before, please read all of the instructions below before logging on for the first time.The first time you log-in you will use your license number as your log-in and the last four (4) digits of your social security number for your password. The next screen will prompt you to change your password. Make a note of your new password as it will be required to log-in and track your continuing education throughout the year and for your license renewal. You will use the same log-in and password any time you access your information on this website. If you have already completed an online renewal, you will use the same password you created at that time to update your information.

If your licensure period is two years or more, you are required to take a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education, which shall include a minimum of 3 hours of ethics, in order to renew your license. You may only take a maximum of 12 hours of distance learning and a maximum of 8 hours of business management should you choose to take either. If your licensure period is less than two years, but more than one year, the licensee will be required to take a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education, which shall include a minimum of 3 hours of ethics, in order to renew your license. You may only take a maximum of 6 hours of distance learning and 8 hours of business management should you choose to take either.The continuing education activities you complete must meet the requirements set forth in Section .0700 of the Rules and Regulations of the Board. You can review the Qualified Activities for Maintaining Continuing Education chart below for guidance on what CE activities the Board accepts pursuant to Rule .0701. If you choose to take a continuing education course, the course you take must be from an Approved Provider for Continuing Education by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), a course approved by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a course approved by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB), a course approved by the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) or from an accredited college or university. Courses from an accredited college or university must be in anatomy, physiology, pathology, psychology, pharmacology, massage and bodywork therapy or business management only. If a course is offered by an Approved Provider, you may contact the NCBTMB (1-800-296-0664) to confirm the provider is approved. Do not call the Board office to obtain pre-approval of CE programs. The North Carolina Board does not pre-approve continuing education. It is your responsibility to make sure that a course is offered by an Approved Provider, and that the approved provider number, and the course hours are stated on your certificate. If the course incorporates ethics in the course program, the number of CEs in ethics taught must be stated on the certificate of completion along with the total course hours and approved provider number. The Board does not accept animal massage for CE credit. The Board will accept HIV/Aids/Hepatitis approved CEs but not as ethics. Your renewed license will be mailed to you. Your license number will remain the same. You can check the status of your license renewal by verifying your license at under "Verify a License". Renewals will not be confirmed by telephone. You should receive your renewed license within 15 business days from the date the Board receives your online renewal application. If your renewed license has not been returned to you within 15 business days from the time the Board received your online renewal application, and you have checked the website and your expiration date has not been updated, please notify the Board by email at 041b061a72


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