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Don 2 720p Movies 'LINK'

Urbanspoon, a free restaurant review guide with a fun interface, which I reviewed.AOL Radio and Pandora Radio, two free programs that let you listen to tunes you don't own. Of the two, I prefer Pandora Radio because it lets you create your own "radio stations" based on music preferences.FileMagnet ($5), which lets you copy documents over a Wi-Fi network from a Mac onto your iPhone, where you can view (but not edit) them.Now Playing (free), a guide to current movies and theater show times, plus links to trailers and an option for buying tickets.For more iPhone applications, read "Free IPhone Apps You Need Right Now."

Don 2 720p Movies

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In short, most of the time, the iPhone 3G is a joy to use. It certainly has room for improvement, but I don't regret buying it.Kodak's Pocket Camcorder: Kodak's Z16 is giving the Flip Mino (both list for $180) pocket camcorders some serious competition. The Z16 can record video at 60 frames per second at 720p and 16:9 aspect ratio, while the Mino can shoot video only in the lower-quality VGA format. The Z16 also takes still pictures, which are of pretty good quality; the Mino can't. You can see a picture I took with the Z16 on my blog. However, unlike the Mino, the Z16's LCD screen is difficult to view in bright sunlight--a major drawback. Also, the Z16 lacks a flash. For most people, the Mino is probably the better choice. Worth noting: We gave the Mino a PCW Rating of 91 (Superior).

Copying Movie DVDs to Your Laptop: Real Networks' RealDVD ($40) breaks new ground by being the first mainstream software program for legally copying commercial DVDs (such as movies and TV shows) to a hard drive, along with the DVD extras. This could be attractive for travelers who want to store their movies on their laptop's hard drive for viewing during long flights. Unfortunately, RealDVD comes with several major caveats. Among them: DVDs copied to a hard drive are locked to that drive and can't be copied to another, even for backup purposes.

Method 1) When you import let's say 4K video into a 1080p project, iMovie could convert that 4K video into 1080p. THEN any editing you do, including cropping, are done on the 1080p imported content. So when you render the final product, you could have video that is 720p or lower, depending on how much you cropped. I would refer to this as the **** method.


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