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How To Find Shutter Count On Canon For Mac [UPDATED]

If you own a Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera you might want to read out the shutter count. For my Canon EOS 7D this can be done very easily using gPhoto2. gPhoto2 is a free open-source tool which supports more than 1300 cameras. As it is written for Unix-like systems it can be compiled for OS X very easily. If you have Homebrew installed, you can install it easily via the terminal by running

How To Find Shutter Count On Canon For Mac

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Great article - sounds like you are one of the few people have found a way to get this shutter count for a canon eos 7d. this doesnt read to me as though it will work for a simple person like me working with windows and just trying to find a way to give out info when selling my camera. am i missing something?

Hi, I tried the command for getting shutter count on my 7d which successfully gave 'Current:16'. But I was just wondering why after taking several photos again then rerunning the command again, it still gave the same number. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks .

I bought brand new camera but my image count started from 8000+. I searched the web to know how to get actual shutter count. most of the techniques didn't work except this one. it gave me exact shutter count. I used it on ubuntu in virtualbox.

Thanks for this info as I am trying to find a way to know what the shutter count is on my 7D for a while.Not familiar with doing stuff with terminal... Followed instructions... Got this message :

It finally worked! I Installed Xcode 3.2.6 (it was on my installation CDs that came with my computer) and I was able to know the shutter count! Thanks so so much! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

dear Twam, I would pay you to find out the shutter count of my supposedly new cannon 5d mark 111. Believe me for the average person what your describing is just not possible. Ive tried to follow your instructions many times and got no where.What is brew doctor?what is x code?how do I bug or not bug!!!Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Why is this so hard its my camera, why's the shutter count such a secret!!sorry, but could you explain how to do this, again, as if you were talking to a very small, very stupid child.thanks,p

I don't think this is very accurate. It's told me I've only used 70,090 on my Canon EOS 7D. Which I've had since day one of release. When going on EOSShuttercount site over a year ago I was as 200,000+ I even took 100 more shutters and it's not moved or counted them.

try closing your terminal and turning camera off. I even changed batteries. I took a ton of photos and when I tried again the camera shutter count was accurately adjusted. works great.200,000 plus actuations is a ton, even since day one of the cameras release.

Thanks very much! worked perfectly on our newly purchased refurb 7D. This is such a useful tool for verifying the amount of usage of one of these "used" devices. Ours only had 869 on the shutter counter, practically brand new. Canon factory refurbished is definitely the way to go!

I have use this procedure for my 6D. It works well. "shuttercounter" shows resonable number but .... it is exactly the same as on camera: Menu/4th-key/Battery data/Number of pictures taken (free translation from Polish). The main question therefore is if "shuttercounter" shows total number of shots on particular camera or on battery inserted to the camera? Why - I do not believe that there were no test shots on this body e.g. in a factory.

I had some problems installing this at first but, like some others, I found xcode on my mac installation disc (I'm still running 10.6.8 so couldn't download from apple). Even though I got a note that said it needed updating it still worked and I got the shutter counts for both of my cameras. I just bought a used 7D and it shows only 5375 (surprised to find it that low). It also showed correct serial number for 7D but the serial number doesn't match up for my XSi even though I know the serial number on my camera is right because I bought it brand new from Costco several years ago. Seems the command lines for some of the items in the list are either wrong or pertain to something other than what it appears they should be. At any rate, happy to be able to get this and many thanks. btw, I'm about as technically challenged as they come so if I got it anybody should be able to. The xcode was the thing I was missing so if you're having problems make sure you have that and be very careful to type in command lines correctly. Easy to miss a space or character if not careful.

Thanks a lot!Very clear and it worked perfectly.However theres a minimal difference between file number and shutter counter: 6800 to 6806. Maybe due to shooting when battery was almost gone and no picture was saved.I tried it also on my G11 but Canon unfortunately doesnt provide any info regarding shutter count...Last but not least: Homebrew rocks!

Hey guys, I just got an old XTi and yes it is used :-D. I just spent the last three days dtrying to figure out how to get the shutter count and was just about to do the 400plus hack when I found this site and thought "7D? hmmm, well maybe". I'm using linux but figured it should work, and it has with one exception, I still don't have the shutter count. The "available shots" is also useless since itdoes some wild fluctuations based on how many I take and a restart of my machine but it always starts at 15683 and gets higher. The check for shuteer count returns "Label: Camera Status Information".Can anyone here (if you are still around) help. I would really appreciate it. This has been the only post that has gotten any real result so far I just wished it cold give me exactly what I wanted.

I have a 400D and /main/status/shuttercounter is not on my config list. Does that means that my camera doesn't have this option or I'm doing something wrong? I can see my availabel shots, but not the counter because is not on the list.

ShutterCheck worked with both my Canon 80D and 7DM2 cameras. I have high confidence this application will work with all of the Canon cameras listed as supported.I can recommend this software for photographers who use a Mac and want to get shutter counts from their Canon cameras.Several Canon Cameras Report Shutter Actuations in 1,000 IncrementsAs I went through all of this research I found that there some Canon camera models only report shutter actuation counts in increments of 1,000. When you first get the camera it will report 0 shutter actuations when you have 1-999. From 1,001 through 1,999 you will get 1,000 from the camera.Here is the list of cameras that report the shutter actuation count in increments of 1,000

As soon as you switch your camera on, the app will display information about your camera and shutter count in a simple tabbed display. Some of it is extraneous, such as current battery life, but the shutter count is displayed quickly and clearly. It will even include live view shots, and usefully tells you the projected lifespan for your particular camera model.

Thus, checking your shutter count can tell you on average how much life is left in your shutter, which is especially useful for selling your camera. But this applies to the mechanical shutter. If you use a mirrorless camera and have it on electronic shutter mode, then there is no mechanical part wearing down, and the shutter count is not as important.

If you use a Panasonic or Olympus camera, you will need to use the methods described later in the article to find your shutter count. If you use a Canon camera, you may need to travel to another dimension.

Another option for Nikon, Sony, Fuji, or Pentax cameras is an online shutter count tool like Camera Shutter Count that simply reads the shutter count data from the EXIF information embedded in a Raw or JPEG file. This is the easiest method because it does not require downloading any program or using the command line.

An interesting alternative for Sony cameras is SONY Alpha shutter counter. I like this website because it does not upload your image to any server. Instead, it uses a script in the browser to extract the number of shutter actuations from your Sony Alpha camera. Not only is this a bit more secure than other websites, it also is much faster, especially if you are uploading a Raw file.

Hopefully, you were able to determine your shutter count, especially if you shoot with a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras offer electronic shutter mode for silent shooting, and so for most people, the mechanical shutter on your camera will last even longer. Do you worry about the life of your shutter? Let me know in the comments about your harrowing experiences with determining your shutter count.

1.Card must be in slot 1 2.Select single shooting mode 3.Turn the mode dial to aperture priority or some other photo mode, not video 4.Turn the camera on and take a picture 5.Turn the camera off 6.Press and hold the play button and the AE/AF lock button 7.Turn the camera on while pressing the Play & AE/AF lock button 8.Keep pressing Play & AE/AF lock button plus press menu and simultaneously press the navigation wheel left twice. The shutter count of the camera will now be displayed under the SHTCNT field.

i used this program, but not able to find shutter count. If I open the content of Manufacture notes, there is no info regarding shutter count. Am I missing something. Trying to get shutter count on a Nikon D7200

When you switch your camera on, the application will show data about your camera and shutter count in a basic selected presentation. Some of it is incidental, for example, current battery life, however, the shutter count is shown rapidly and unmistakably. It will even incorporate live view shots, and conveniently discloses to you the anticipated life expectancy for your specific camera model.

The shutter count or shutter actuation in a camera is corresponding to the mileage of a vehicle. It decides the number of photos taken utilizing the camera. Both DSLR and SLR cameras have only two moving parts-the the screen and the essential reflex mirror.


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