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Apps Facebook Travel Brain Profile [2021]

She told us that they have been receiving sign-ups from both travelers and locals almost at the same ratio. When it comes to this kind of apps connecting travels and locals in travel destinations, many of us are likely to think these are intended for overseas trips or foreign visitors. But the fact is that there are an increasing number of Japanese locals using the app who want to offer travel tips about where they live, especially in Tokyo and Kyoto where the company held app release parties.

apps facebook travel brain profile

Just like your phone, your brain has limited information storage. Your available knowledge \u201Cspace\u201D is comparable to downloading new apps with limited phone storage: when you download a brand new app, the older ones are put on hold. Unless you go ahead and re-download them, they\u2019ll just stay there, with no real use to you.

If possible, travel more and explore new cultures. Learn to play a new instrument. Learn a new language. Read lots of books, particularly those that challenge you to learn something new. Read articles, and as you read them, highlight important passages and take notes. Revisit those notes whenever you feel it\u2019s necessary. Little by little, you\u2019ll be feeding your brain with brand new ideas that will be useful throughout your life.


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