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Young Beautiful

After Isabelle quits prostitution she lives a normal teenage life and works as a babysitter. In spring, she meets Alex at a party and they start dating. They have sex with Isabelle on top and she has to help him out. Afterwards she breaks up with Alex saying she does not love him. Isabelle reactivates her phone's SIM card and checks messages for Lea from clients. Georges's widow Alice (Charlotte Rampling) found Lea's number in her husband's address book and requested an appointment at the hotel. When she arrives, Alice explains the situation and says she wants to see the room and meet the girl Georges was with when he died. She does not blame Isabelle because she knew he saw other women, was ill and thinks dying making love is a beautiful death. They go to the room and Alice tells Isabelle to leave her clothes on and lie with her on the bed. Isabelle says she needed to come here too. Alice kindly caresses Isabelle's face; Isabelle falls asleep. She wakes up alone looking more at peace.

Young Beautiful


Derek Malcolm of London Evening Standard wrote that Ozon was successful in "directing the slim and striking Vacth through a series of sex scenes, and also showing how the girl doesn't really know what she is doing even when pretty experienced in the art of seduction."[7] While being appreciative of the film as a whole, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian noted that the film was a "luxurious fantasy of a young girl's flowering: a very French and very male fantasy, like the pilot episode of the world's classiest soap opera."[8]

Even the elderly of olden times, who had little chance to see much of the world and often even struggled to read, even they knew this simple truth, a truth perhaps coded into our DNA yet these days pushed in our faces by the advertisements in which we are inundated: youth is beauty. Stay young and you will stay beautiful. The two words have become almost inseparable.

"Young and Beautiful" opens in summer with a middle-class French family on holiday by the seaside. Isabelle is first seen sunning topless on the beach through the lenses of binoculars held by her younger brother Victor (Fantin Ravat). From the very first image, we see Isabelle through another's eyes. Victor trails along behind Isabelle, disturbed and intrigued by his sister's blossoming sexuality, and wanting all the details about the secret dates she's having with a German hunk named Felix (Lucas Prisor). Isabelle doesn't want to bring Felix home to meet her parents. He seems dumb as a box of rocks; they wouldn't approve. So Victor provides distractions as she sneaks out of the house.

She loses her virginity to Felix on the beach one night. We see her lying beneath him, and a look of unbearable sadness and loneliness rises up into her beautiful face. She glances off to the side, and sees herself standing there, looking on. It is a curious and powerful moment suggesting the level of her dissociation. Her sexuality, at that young age, is somewhat abstract. She's still a kid. She has feelings, she wants things, dreams about things, and yet the reality is totally different from what she imagined. Maybe she's just glad to get it over with, but the image of herself standing there on the beach, looking on, haunts the rest of the film.

Until she meets Georges (Johan Leysen), an elderly guy who becomes a regular. Their scenes together are amazing. He is curious about her, and she is detached and cold. But there is a kind of tenderness that opens up between them, and she feels comfortable during her times with him. When things with Georges go south, alarmingly, swiftly, she is shaken. Isabelle has devoted her life to sex that has no meaning, outside of the monetary reward. But something opens up in the air between her and Georges, through the sex, that is perhaps more adult than she is ready to confront or even experience. The tension that comes from not knowing why Isabelle has made these choices is beautiful. It does not condescend to the sexuality of its young lead. It understands that half the time she actually doesn't know what she is doing. And isn't that so often the case when you are 17.

All of this could tip over into sheer melodrama in less confident hands. Ozon keeps the details to a minimum, allowing us to just sit back and observe. There may be times when we are afraid for Isabelle, alone in a hotel room with these men who want her to do certain things they will pay for. She is seen descending escalators into darkness or ascending into the light, carrying her big school bag, dressed up in a suit that makes her look older, strolling down lush hotel hallways with her back to the camera. The film, from its first shot of her through the binoculars, shows how very precarious and thrilling it can be, being a young and beautiful girl.

To me there is no big difference between male and female. Very often in my films you could change the sex of the character. What interests me was to show the power of this young woman. She knows her power, she knows her beauty and she uses it. It could be the same for a man.

Thrilla Seven drives off of our constant and daily love for Women's Empowerment. We know that there are so many young, talented and gifted Women who work their tails off to live out their dreams and achieve their goals! This one is for you!

Sunflower does not need a big intro as you probably use it in the kitchen as cooking oil, or you munch on the seeds as a healthy snack or you adore its big, beautiful yellow flower during the summer - or you do all of these and probably even more. And by even more we mean putting it all over your face as sunflower oil is one of the most commonly used plant oils in skincare. is proud to present YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL 7, the highly anticipated new volume of our most popular series! AVN Directo fo the Year, Greg Lansky (2016-2018), has curated another collection of his best works, showcasing the most beautiful and passionate performers in the industry. Cover model, Mia Melano, is a sugar baby wanting a little more than what her daddy is offering. Also starring Harley Dean, Haley Reed, an Sadie blake in amazing performances you'll have to see to belive. All wrapped in world-class production values, captivating storylines,a nd passionate sexual performances that define, YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL 7 is not to be missed!

Nesty's first appearance with us. Young, wild, and beautiful. She's got everything a BS could have. The petite Barbie shows her wildest fantasy to the viewer, creating a truly exciting and hot mood with Matt Bird.

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