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Are your objectives linked to your mission?

Having a clear vision and mission is essential for every founder. 

They define the strategy and all future decisions.

The same applies to your company objectives.

If you’re about to define your OKRs, it’s important to ensure that you link them to your mission.

Starting with a top-down approach, you are shaping the strategy and you are aligning them all to your objectives and key results.

Vision → Mission → Strategy → OKRs

It’s not just about the founder knowing this connection.

Everyone in the company should be aware of this alignment. 

A clear link between the vision and the OKRs can have multiple benefits:

  • It provides a clear direction - everyone in the company knows how their work is linked to the bigger vision, which enhances productivity and focus

  • It increases motivation - it’s easier to stay motivated working towards a goal when you are also aware of the mission

  • It encourages accountability - it allows you to keep track of the progress towards meeting your objectives without missing out on the bigger picture and your values

  • It improves strategic planning - it facilitates strategic decisions that are moving the company towards the right direction 

Aligning your mission with your OKRs prevents your company from derailing. It makes it easier for everyone to feel connected while the founder is feeling more confident in setting the best targets.

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